Can you File for Unemployment and Social Security Disability Benefits?

The application process for Social Security disability benefits can take years.  During that time period the claimant is – by definition – not working. (See 3 Reasons Your Claim Was Denied).  How does the claimant pay for food and shelter during that long wait?  Some claimants are fortunate enough to have spouses or family members who can help them until they ultimately receive benefits.  But many claimants have no such support.  There are state and local assistance programs that can help with some amount of cash assistance and food stamps.  In Maryland you can contact the Department of Human Resources.  In addition to these benefits, many claimants also want to file for unemployment benefits while their disability claim is pending.

In the application for Social Security disability benefits the claimant will be asked for the date that that he or she became “unable to work” (the alleged onset date).  In the application for unemployment benefits the claimant will be asked whether he or she is “ready, willing and able to work.”  If you answer that you are not “ready, willing and able to work,” then you will be denied unemployment benefits.  Unemployment benefits are for people who have lost their job and are still capable (and looking for) other employment.  Thus, in order to receive unemployment benefits you have to complete the application indicating that you are “ready, willing and able to work” and to apply for Social Security disability benefits you have to claim that you are unable to work.  These two applications appear to be inconsistent with each other.

The agencies administering the unemployment benefit programs will provide benefits if you are otherwise eligible and indicate that you are “ready, willing and able to work.”  They will not terminate or refuse to grant benefits based upon a claim for Social Security disability benefits.

Many administrative law judges (ALJs), however, do consider your claim for unemployment benefits when evaluating your Social Security disability case.  In recent years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) indicated that the receipt of unemployment benefits should not be considered, by itself, as evidence that the claimant is not entitled to Social Security disability benefits.  In my practice, the receipt of unemployment benefits has been handled one of three different ways by ALJs at hearings.

1.     The Claim for Unemployment Benefits is Ignored

Many ALJs simply do not inquire about unemployment benefits.  They apparently do not think it is relevant to the claim for Social Security disability benefits.  This could be for a couple of reasons.  First, the ALJ may just be cognizant of the fact that the claimant has been attempting to survive during the lengthy period in which the SSA was making a decision about their claim.  Second, it could be that the ALJ understands that the claimant may believe they can still work but that in reality, and under SSA rules, they will be determined unable to work.  For instance, a 55-year-old construction worker suffers a serious back injury and now can only lift 10 lbs.  The worker is theoretically able to work with a 10 pound lifting restriction (e.g., like in an office).  The SSA rules recognize that such a claimant, at age 55, with only construction experience is not going to be able to make the transition (or be hired for) a desk job.  Thus the Claimant is legally considered to be “unable to work.”  The claims for unemployment benefits and Social Security benefits are, therefore, not inconsistent with each other.

2.     The Claim for Unemployment Benefits Destroys the Claimant’s Credibility

Some ALJs always ask about the claim for and receipt of unemployment benefits.  It is their position that the claimant told one government agency (unemployment) that they were “able to work” and at the same time told another government agency (SSA) that they were “unable to work.”  These are inconsistent statements.  These ALJs are of the opinion that these inconsistent statements seriously damage the claimant’s credibility.  At the hearing the ALJ may disregard some of the claimant’s testimony as a result of this damage to their credibility.  This, in turn, can lead to a denial of disability benefits.

3.     The Claim Is Not the Problem but the Receipt of Benefits Is

Some ALJs take a hybrid approach.  They do not consider the claim for unemployment benefits to be an inconsistent statement and, therefore, will, not let that influence their determination of the claimant’s credibility.  However, these ALJs believe that a claimant should not be receiving unemployment benefits at the same time that they are receiving disability benefits.  Thus, the ALJ will often request that the claimant amend their onset of disability to a date after unemployment benefits had ceased.  Perhaps these ALJs believe that the claimant should not receive disability benefits while they were still actively looking for work – a requirement while receiving unemployment benefits.

I have had hearings in which unemployment benefits were treated in each of these three very different ways.  As the claimant has no control over the choice of judge, the choice to apply for unemployment benefits is indeed risky.

David Galinis
Managing Partner – Estates and Social Security Practice
Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman & Darby, LLP
481 N Frederick Avenue, Suite 300
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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67 Responses to Can you File for Unemployment and Social Security Disability Benefits?

  1. Dirk May says:

    Came across your blog and enjoy it. I practice Social Security law in Illinois.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. vrol says:

    Hello, I was recently approved for ssdi while collecting unemplyment benefits. In my final decision notice social security said they would notify uneemployment of this decision , since the I have still been able to receive unemployment benefits, I will not receive my first ssdi check until another month from now. I feel i could still do some type of light duty work, in the meantime can i still continue to apply for these benefits. I could actually continue apply until october/2011

  3. Noreen Brown says:

    Hi David,
    My Brother worked for the State of NJ (town of Rutherford) for over 30 years. He was hurt on the job and can no longer work. His last check was 12/31/11.
    He filed for SSI and was denied. He is appealing but will take over a year.
    He filed for accidental disability and still waiting.
    Should he file for Unemployment or Welfare until he receives any funds?
    He has used up all funds available and is broke.
    Thanks for your assistance.

    • dgalinis says:

      Dear Noreen,

      Thank you for the comment. Your brother can attempt to file for unemployment compensation but he may not be eligible for the benefits. In order to receive unemployment compensation, most states require that you are “ready, willing, and able to work.” This is because the unemployment compensation system is designed to help people who have been fired or laid off but are otherwise able to work. Thus if he indicates in his application that he is unable to work, he may not qualify for these benefits.

      He may be eligible for “welfare” which in Maryland is called temporary cash assistance. These “welfare” programs and their eligibility requirements are state specific. His eligibility will typically depend on his household income and resources. On a final note, receipt of these benefits may have to be paid back if he is ultimately awarded SSI or SSDI benefits.

      I hope this helps,


  4. Patricia says:

    Hello David,

    I believe my situation is “sticky”. I became unemployed in the state of New Jersey in September 2011 and began collecting unemployment benefits in November 2011. I also obtained a business license and started my own company. I am not making any substantial money at all, but hoping to build my business.

    I believe I will be diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis later this month (April 2012). I took blood tests and xrays today :( Thinking back, I believe this condition actually started in my late 20’s when I went to the emergency room and had to take anti-inflammatory medicine but went into remission. It has reared its ugly head again over the last 2 1/2 years or more and I have made visits to doctors. Here are my questions:

    1. Once I am diagnosed with RA should I apply for SSI and SSDI (especially since I do not have any medical coverage) but continue to collect unemployment until the SSI and SSDI kicks in? Should I consider which amount would be greater? I need the medical insurance because I can’t get treatment otherwise! Will I be penalized for receiving the unemployment?

    2. How does the small income I’m making with my business come into play?

    3. Is there a chance they could deny my SSI and SSDI benefits if I quality because of my unemployment coupled with the business (less than $200/mo)

    4. Should I exhaust the unemployment benefits then apply for disability, keeping in mind the effect all of this will have on my alleged onset date??? I’m so confused as to what to do.

    Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • dgalinis says:

      Dear Patricia,

      Thank you for your comment. Let me first remind you that unemployment benefits are technically inconsistent with Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Unemployment benefits are for people who are “ready, willing and able to work” and SSD benefits are for people who are unable to work due to a medical disability. The major thrust of the post was to discuss the various ways in which Social Security judges handle people who try to obtain both benefits at the same time.

      In addition to the different eligibility standards, the benefits themselves are also very different. Unemployment benefits are temporary, whereas an award of SSD is usually permanent. Also, unemployment benefits can be obtained relatively quickly while the process to get SSD benefits could take years. Finally, it is important to understand that while there are medical insurance benefits with an award of SSD benefits, Medicare, those benefits do not start for 2 years after your the start of your SSD benefits. Thus applying for SSD may be a long term medical insurance solution but it usually does not help in the short term.

      With regards to your business, it is very difficult to say whether it would disqualify you for SSD benefits. You are not eligible for SSD benefits if you are engaging in “substantial gainful activity.” If you were receiving wages, SSA would look at your gross wages to determine if you were engaging in “substantial gainful activity.” The rules are different and not so clear for self-employed individuals. SSA regulations provide that they will “consider your activities and their value to your business to decide whether you have engaged in substantial gainful activity if you are self-employed. We will not consider your income alone because the amount of income you actually receive may depend on a number of different factors, such as capital investment and profit-sharing agreements.” CFR § 404.1575(a)(2). Unfortunately, there is no easy answer with self-employed individuals.

      In conclusion, these are difficult decisions. As a lawyer, I would prefer that my client was not running a business and not receiving unemployment benefits. Both of those could be considered to be evidence that they are not disabled. That being said, you have to eat.


      • Patricia says:

        Thank you for this information David. It was very helpful. This whole process is soooo confusing.

        I have worked all of my life and have only now been faced with these tough decisions. I of course want to protect my rights and benefit from what’s available to me but at the same time also do the “right” thing, if anyone can ascertain what that is.


      • Jenny says:

        For David – NY resident, approved for SSDI in 2007 for bipolar distorder, returned to work shortly thereafter (idiotic), 5 yrs lapsed in 2/2011, terminated, UI benefits under review – mental issues remain, is it possible to get expedited review to reinstate SSDI after this time lapse?

        • dgalinis says:


          Thank you for your question. You can request an expedited reinstatement at any point up to five years from the date your entitlement to benefits was terminated. If you were approved in 2007, then I don’t know how your five years could have elapsed in 2011. At some point after 2007 you should have received a letter from the Social Security indicating that due to your work activity you were no longer entitled to receive benefits. You have 5 years from that date to file for expedited reinstatement.

          I would request an expedited reinstatement and see if they evaluate it on those grounds. Otherwise, you can file a new application.


          • k says:

            Are you serious? Then why in the heck is my lawyer and social security making me apply all over again?? I had a feeling something was wrong w the way this has been going. I won a back payment from 2005-2007 which is when I was diagnosed w bipolar and other physical things and was unable to work much..i got denied but then won the appeal in 2008 and my lawyers told me at that time, “when you can no longer work you will just be able to go right onto disability since u just won the hearing”(cuz I started working part time in end of 2007 until that time I was still working and since I was making over $900 a month I couldn’t remain on it so just won a back payment for previous years…so in july of 2012 I couldn’t do it any longer and was getting harassed by a supervisor for years since she found out about my neck problem purposely givin me extra work to do a ton of things too long to type here about but ended up having to use more than my 7 approved fmla days off work she made some lies up and got me suspended I had ptsd symptoms from this woman I couldn’t go back to work I also asked for reasonable accomodations which she I applied again for disability In October of 2012 they and my lawyers told me since its been over 5 years that’s why I have to apply all over again and go through being denied wait 18 months for a hearing..and my syptoms and diagnosis now are MUCH worse and much more then before! and it hasn’t been 5 years…is the 5 years counted from the date u won the last appeal? or the time covered for the backpayment? or when I originally said my disability started which woulda been in 2005? I thought what u wrote above said the LAST dateu got paid through which woulda been dec. of 2007 and that means july 2012 would of been BEFORE 5 years! help me please no lawyers will help me without a consulation and I don’t have a car anymore or money or help PLEASE REPLY asap

          • dgalinis says:

            Thank you for your comment. As you are represented already, I would encourage you to ask your lawyer these questions.


          • I have aske my attorney several times they say its been over 5 years..but can you please explain 5 years from WHEN?they cant explain it neither will social the 5 years from the date i last received benefits from? or the date i ORIGINALLY applied for the back payment? or the date i won the appeal?

          • dgalinis says:

            Dear Krissy,

            You can file for expedited reinstatement of benefits if you stop work within 5 years of when your benefits ended. If it has been more than 5 years since your benefits ended, you must start the initial application process again.


          • I have written to congress in my state governor etc and nobody will help me. I dont understand this because i have WORSE and more symptoms/conditions now then i did back when i WON the back payment period of time . my lawyer office has tons of people there, you can never speak with an actual attorney just rude assistants

          • Jenny Cohen says:

            David – Filed an EXR for SSDI – 5 yr period is still running, Receiving unemployment benefits (UI) for past yr, but would d/c UI if SSDI reinstated – does it create a problem if one has been collecting UI ?

            I turned 62 last month, first 2 ltrs from SS indicated that I was “entitled to disability” – and just got an award for regular SS – my fault – if EXR denied, will I lose Mcare benefits, still have Part A ? Thanks..


          • dgalinis says:

            Dear Jenny,

            Thank you for your comment. The rules I discuss above relating to how unemployment insurance benefits affect SSD benefits should apply the same in your situation. As to your second question, if you are already eligible for Medicare based on age, the denial of your expedited reinstatement should not affect your eligibility for Medicare.


          • Jenny Cohen says:

            I am not Mcare eligible – 62 – just looking for the odds of getting an EXR approved v the risk of losing medical benefits. I would never apply until my unemployment benefits are close to running out. Any insight would be appreciated, this is a risky decision. Thanks.


          • dgalinis says:

            I’m sorry, for some reason I though you were 65. I’m really not sure I understand what your asking.


          • Jenny Cohen says:

            I still have MCare coverage from my initial application – 93 months – that will take me to 66.
            I am concerned that I risk losing MCare if I file an EXR that is denied – in your experience, are
            most EXRs approved,(even after working for 7 years) – thank you, David.

          • dgalinis says:

            Dear Jenny,

            In 16 years of practicing SSD law I have had one client claim expedited reinstatement. The law is the same with regards to proving disability as with a regular case. The facts may certainly have changed since your initial application in that you may have different skills and work experience (from the 7 years) than you did originally. But you also may be older, and age plays a big part in the evaluation process. (See Age: A Crucial Factor in Your Social Security Disability Case). Sorry I can’t be of more assistance with regards to expedited claims specifically.


          • Jenny Cohen says:

            Thank you, David Jenny

  5. chinchunpie says:

    Recently my employer lowered my ltd (long term disability) payment because I am now receiving SSDI. Will my SSDI also lower???

    • dgalinis says:

      Thank you for your comment. Long term disability insurance benefits are governed by the terms of the insurance policy. Most long term disability insurance policies contain a provision that allows the insurance company to reduce benefits if you receive Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security Disability benefits are not affected by the receipt of long term disability insurance benefits. Thus, you should not see a reduction in your Social Security Disability benefits based on the receipt of long term disability insurance benefits.


  6. John says:

    I worked almost a year in pain as I had a pinched sciatic nerve that steadily became worse to the point my legs were weak and I lived on pain pills in order to work. The Veterans Administration is backed up, so any speedy time for surgery was not in the works, I visited the E.R, there almost every other night because of the pain. My pain management doctor wanted to take me out of work, but knew what a hardship that would cause. This pain started back in late Nov – Early Dec of 2011 and by the end of July the pain was so bad that I went off on the doctors and the patient advocate stepped in and was able to get surgery on Sep 10,2012. During surgery which should have taken about 1/2hour, it turned out to take 2.5 hours and my disk was removed instead of cutting the corner off to relieve pressure from the sciatic nerve. Now I have a doctors note requesting job retraining with limitations of bending,squatting,walking,standing,sitting,twisting and lifting more than 15lbs. I enrolled in Vocational Rehab for job retraining, which my counselor has no idea what a former 44yr old pest control tech that drove semi-tractors before also can really adjust to. Under suggestions of another avenue to persue was SSI Disability, which I did file.. I applied for unemployment compensation and even indicated that I was out on leave of Absence but had to do job retraining etc….. NOW my former boss claims he has suitable work for me, which I do not understand how he knows what is suitable for me. My pain is even worse now than before and I walk with a cane, my right foot went completely numb. Am I wrong for following doctors orders and apply for my unemployment and file for SSI? My mind tells me I still can do anything I want, but my body keeps reminding me not anymore,only in my mind I can. What should I do? Financially I need my Unemployment benefits to survive.

    • John says:

      BTW, I live in Florida, if that helps any,

    • dgalinis says:


      Thank you for your comment. At age 44, it is not really important whether you can return to your prior work. If you are able to work at any job that exists in significant numbers in the national economy you will found to be not disabled. Thus, if you can return to work as a Walmart greeter, you will be found to be not disabled. If your limitations are no lifting over 15 pounds and no prolonged bending, squatting, walking, standing, sitting or twisting, there are many jobs (such as Walmart greeter) which you are physically able to do. Your limitations would need to be more severe in order to prove an inability to return to any type of work.

      It is very difficult to tell you what you should do. Pursuing a Social Security disability claim can take a long time (up to 2 years). There is also no guarantee of success. Thus, if you think you might be able to work, I would recommend exploring that option first.


  7. Joy says:

    I was working in a telecommuter position (worked at home for a municipality with very flexible hours). During my 11-year-job, I began to have medical issues but since my job was flexible in nature, I could work around those issues in my own home. After 11 years of working this job, the program I ran was discontinued and I was layed off. I applied, and am collecting, unemployment insurance. However, I have not been successful in finding a job that matches my qualifications, is similar to the one I was previously doing and that is flexible with my medical issues (incontinence, depression, chronic pain in which I have been at a pain clinic for the past 2-1/2 years in an effort to manage the pain). In addition, since I am on pain medications, I can’t drive to a job at another location which is why my job at home worked so well and kept me in the workforce. After 6 months of looking for a job and collecting unemployment insurance, I have decided to apply for Social Security Disability. I am not sure what else to do. I am collecting unemployment insurance and still looking for a job that may give me the flexibility to work at home, however, because of the severity of my condition, I may just need to give up and rely on having my disability application approved. If I do find something that will work around my issues, I will take the job, however, it’s not looking positive at this point. I’ve read that I may be able to revise my onset date on the Social Security Disability application if it were to be approved. Any suggestions you can give?

  8. Joseph says:

    I have been on ssdi since 2001. I have worked on and off a few times over that period. I have worked for 18 months reacently and was laid off. My ssdi was reinstated and I filed for nj unemployment. Social security found my physical condition met the guidelines to continue my payments. I want to work and in some jobs I am able with reasonable accommodations. So based on that I feel I meet the ABLE requirement for unemployment. I have a non monetary phone review in a couple weeks. Any advice for me?

    • Joseph says:

      Btw I’m age 54.

    • dgalinis says:


      Thank you for your comment. I recommend complete honesty first and foremost. Explain to SSA that you are looking for jobs that will accommodate your limitations and be ready to describe the limitations for which you are seeking accommodations. Also, if you are only looking for part time work, because your disability prevents full time work, I would definitely mention that as well.

      Good luck,

  9. adan says:

    hi thiese is adam ,I was driving 18 , wheels for over 22 years and on decenber 2010 i felt ( i step on a hole )and injured my lower back and neck ,and both has been fused(l5s1)..c5c6c7) I also 57 years old.,however i want to know if i qilified for ssdi., i also want to know how much i m’ getting from worker comp /my email

  10. pam says:

    HEllo was recieving UI for a year and a half applied for SSD adn within 6 weeks I got a lump sum. Now UI wants to put a lean against my house or 33,000 dollars. Now what? THANKS pam

    • dgalinis says:

      Dear Pam,

      Thank you for your comment. I am not experienced in unemployment insurance law. I know how unemployment benefits affect Social Security Disability benefits, but not the other way around. I encourage you to speak to an attorney in your state who is experienced in unemployment insurance benefits.


  11. Dave Coleman says:

    I was placed on permanent disability within three months of an automobile accident in 1991 when I was rear ended at a stoplight in my Honda Accord by a ’72 Olds 98. The docs said my neck was fractured and then the neurosurgeons found that , in addition to the fracture, I was born without the major supporting bone that is instrumental in not only preventing cervical fractures, but helps to keep our brains from sloshing around, as it were.

    I went back to work in 1998 – I had no choice as SS is not and never will be enough for someone who ‘cannot ever work again’. I worked in management in a call center and also as a phone rep.
    Yes, I once was a most hated telemarketer lol.. In the fall of 2010 I began to have a recurrence of symptoms from the accident, My work performance slipped and I was laid off in June 2011. With the recurrence of the symptoms I decided to inquire about being back on disability.

    To keep this brief I am now at the point of ALJ number 2 as described above, The denial came two weeks after the hearing on 3/23/13, and was nearly word for word as you describe above,

    I am very hurt by assaults on my ‘credibility’. I was told by SS in 1991 that I was Triple Class +A+ disabled and I know how rare it is that I’m still able to walk and talk. I went back to work for nearly 15 years until I felt I could no longer perform my job to standards, — I did the right thing — I went back to work while I could -. I paid taxes into their system again. And now the reasons why SSD was originally started: to help someone in my predicament — the system has put me through the wringer mentally. the only reason SSD an UC don’t get together and take one’s unemployment check or stop it, is simple: doing that would leave thousands literally out on the streets,

    A snafu indeed! But I’m still gonna laugh love and live, because I believe I’m here on earth for a very good reason.

    Pardon the rant, if you will.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Excellently, concisely written blog!

    • dgalinis says:

      Dear Dave,

      Thank you for your comment. I assume that you had an attorney at your most recent hearing. Have you discussed the possibility of appealing the decision with your attorney? I generally do not get involved in appeals if I wasn’t involved at the hearing stage. It is too difficult to get up to speed if I was not present at the hearing.


      • David Alan Coleman says:

        Hi David,

        Thanks for your reply. I did have an attorney at the hearing – it appears after the decision was rendered that he ‘dropped out’ of the case… I myself appealed to the council in Richmond and they gave me 25 days to submit new evidence or contentions – I have done just that and sent my ‘thoughts’ out two days ago,

        Thank you again and I will update..

        David A. Coleman

  12. Nina says:

    Hi David,

    I became ill from Lyme’s/Fibro over a year ago (prev cancer diagnosis as well). I worked as a medical sales rep for 20 years and was laid off with others in July 2013. I collected unemployment in Mass. hoping that by the time I would get a call for an interview I would be better. Well I never got called (I am 50 yo) and continued to collect and look actively for work. By June 2013 I realized my issues with stress and anxiety heightened the symptoms. upon my MD’s suggestion I applied for SSDI. At the same time I realized I could not predictably work a Full time sales position and started applying for sedentary part time receptionist and kept collecting UI.

    Well I am surprised to find out I was awarded SSDI within 2 months of applying. Here is my question: I still have 4 weeks of UI left. I would still like to work part time (mostly to keep my mind off the pain) Am I still able to collect UI and SSDI looking for a part time job where the employer may be able to make accommodations for my need to shift positions(stand sit)? Do I have to apply for only full time positions? I am not trying to be greedy and double dip but don’t want to leave money on the table if I actually fulfill both agency requirements for eligibility, Thanks!

    • dgalinis says:

      Dear Nina,

      Thank you for your comment. I think you are treading in dangerous waters continuing to receive unemployment benefits after having been awarded social security disability benefits.


    • wow must be friggin nice..i have fibromyalgia..herniated discs in my neck, refused to be taken as a client by vocational rehab, depression and other diagnosis..was awarded a back payment in 2008, worked from 2007-july2012 til i couldnt work anymore, here it is a YEAR later beig denied by those pos! about to be homeless, lost my car, no food, etc. now i have to wait 12-18 months just for a HEARING even though ive been through all of this already in 2007-2008

  13. David Coleman says:

    Hi again David – additional info on my situation: From my understanding this condition I described above is considered an ‘automatic’ disability, In 1991 I was automatically granted SSD three months after the accident. I was told by an SS rep back then that ” your condition is a permanent, 100%, class AA, total disability that you can never be taken off of”. I was also told “If you would return to work and find u can’t hack it, then you you’d be placed back on disability”. I went back to work in 1998 and worked for 12 years, no matter how I felt from the symptoms – albeit with many a ‘sick day’ call off to my employers – then in 2010 the bad days where I have numbness and pain started increasing to the point where my production declined and I was laid off. How can I hold down a job under those conditions?? — and THEIR retort was A: since the doctors see limited, but not disabling functioning you are not disabled and B: because you were “signing up for UC”, that impinges on your ‘credibility’ as to whether you are actually having “bad days”. So in essence I am being called a liar – above and beyond the evidence of the severity of my condition that is directly in front of their faces. I left SS ‘off the hook’ of having to pay me for 12 + years AND payed back into the SS system during those years and this is how they treat people?

    Any advice at this point would be appreciated.

    • dgalinis says:

      Dear David,

      Thank you for your comment. If you can prove (through medical evidence) that you are disabled, my recommendation is to appeal. If the only reason you are being denied is because of the receipt of unemployment benefits, I think that is an appeal-able issue.


  14. N says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for a wonderful blog and all your comments!
    Here is my question: my husband lost his job last year and was receiving unemployment benefits till last month. He has a mental disorder and, according to his physician, is eligible for disability. How long should he wait after expiration of his unemployment benefits to apply for disability?
    Thank you for your advice!

  15. Mark says:

    I have been on unemployment in Illinois and just applied for ssdi. Should I get off unemployment?

  16. Kelly says:

    I was born with an extra vertebra in my back. Hurts so bad I can barely get around. Have done injections now trying nerve blocks. Can’t work so can I receive help. I also have an 8yr old daughter to take care of

  17. C.Jayne says:

    I feel for all these people,I too have worked all my life and had to leave work to raise my grandaughter, so applied for unemployment since then was diagnosed with oral cancer, had tumor removed from tongue and nec dissection. My doc now recommends radiation and advised apply for ssdi as this treatment will take me down for at least a year. I applied but now bills piling up, I think I could do some light work while waiting for ssdi and put off radiation till I know dicision, I worry that collecting the ui will effect my case!! Don’t know what to do, I’m going to call lawyer tomorrow, but this is such a difficult thing to deal with while at the same time dealing with health issues, so not fair!!!!!!

  18. Mara Schulz says:

    Hi David

    I have been on SSDI for 9yrs and 5yrs ago I took a part time job to help pay bills. I have never gone over the amount that would put me into the incentive to work program. My employer is closing the business on 12/31/2013. Can I and should I file for unemployment? Thank you Mara

  19. Josh hogan says:

    Question: I am on state disability due to recovery from a wrist surgery. During this time my boss fired me for abandoning my position. I filed for unemployment due to the wrongful termination as I was advised to by an attorney. When I filed for unemployment I made it clear that I am on state paid disability. When I received my unemployment papers it appears they accepted my claim requardless of the disability. Can I collect both it this instance?

    • dgalinis says:

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately I do not handle either state disability cases or unemployment cases and cannot provide any further guidance.


  20. v hayes says:

    Hi, David I Have a question. I don’t have no income in so I decided to apply for SSA about a month ago and now I supposed to certify for unemployment next week..Do I let unemployment know that I apply for SSA. Even thou I haven’t been approved for it yet..

  21. Alicia says:

    Hi David,

    I am currently on disability with my job and everytime I get off of disability and return to work, my mental status and doctors put me back out of work, so I get back on disability with my job. Now my question is if my job is too stressful with my bi polar diagnosis and I am in and out of work due to that reason ( ER POSITION AT HOSPITAL ) if I resign due to a stressful position and was told I can not be reassigned, would I be able to collect unemployment? I applied for SSDI and was denied and im appealing it. Disability at my job states I will no longer recieve benefits through my union.

    Thanks, Alicia

    • dgalinis says:

      Dear Alicia,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I do not handle unemployment claims. I am aware of how SSA judge’s tend to consider unemployment claims, but not the technical eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits. I do not know the answer to your question.


  22. Terry says:

    Hi David,

    I’m 43 years old and my doctor says I need to have hip replacement surgery. He said I will probably be off work three months, my job consists of standing and walking for 8 hours a day and my company (Krogers) does not have positions to have me seated. I’ve paid into SS since I was 16 years old. Should I try and get SSI for the short time I’m off work?

  23. keli says:

    I was severely burned on the 12 of this month and had quite a job two months ago for t his one…I didn’t know its such a long process to start at a casino….well doesn’t really matter now my left forearm left leg and foot are severely burned. .what can I do ASAP I have bills to pay and really was excited about other job

    • Nicole Slaughter says:


      I am not sure that I understand your entire question. However, applying for social security benefits is not a quick process and only in some instances will the claims process be expedited.

      Good Luck,
      Nicole Slaughter

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